Davar Charif; Sharp Knives,Sharp Foods(Ladies' Shiur 18 Shevat 5773).MP3
Davening for Women(22 Cheshvan 5779).MP3
Embracing the Woman's Role-The Power of Presence (Shabbos)Rochester NY 5 Tammuz 5778.MP3
N'Shei Kollel Get-together (Motzai Shabbos 5778)-Avodas Haishah.MP3
N'Shei Kollel Get-together (Motzai Shabbos 5778)-Q and A- Ovens.MP3
Preparing For Pesach; A Review (1 Nisan 5774).MP3
Preparing the Kitchen for Pesach Addendum.MP3
Showering on Yom Tov; Doing it Right (1 Sivan 5776).MP3
Staying Calm for Pesach (Mrs. Stephanie Savir, Mrs. Rachelle Reingold-14 Shvat 5775).MP3